Downloadable Characters. Around the time Rozalin was summoned from her palace, another of Zenon's palaces was attacked by a mysterious stranger who destroyed the building and turned Rozalin's only friend, Tink, into a bizarre floating frog. Though the Dark Hero has no scruples, Axel views it as a character he plays and is not really willing to do anything too evil. Due to being kept in isolation, she is quite sheltered from the world and more than a little spoiled. All can equip weapons and even learn weapon skills. They did not return, which is what inspired Adell to always fulfill his promises. Even when flying as Overlord Zenon, she appears to be doing it with magic, not her wings. Ninja: Character with rank 5 Sword Mastery, character with rank 5 Fist Mastery. Yukimaru was one of three survivors of the Snow Clan, a group of ninjas that were decimated by Zenon fifteen years ago. Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny details Disgaea 1 characters, Item Worlds, Team Attacks, and Giant Units Laharl, Etna, and Flonne return, this time in … trying to shoot Valvatorez when his back is turned and hitting Artina instead, he has regained his infamy and reputation by pretending the entire Zenon thing was a hoax, but he actually just lures all the baciel away and drops them onto an audience he had gathered, where his desire for revenge against the True Zenon ends up conflicting with his desire to be Rozalin's father. This section will detail the ten new characters, their abilities, stats, skills, aptitudes, and pretty much everything you could possibly ever want to know. They express relief once Adell gave them a mercy kill. due to his parents' faulty memory and his own birth defect giving him normal ears, but he's actually a demon himself. For Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories on the PlayStation 2, Character Guide by Prometheusx303. Played straight in the manga where his fatherly instincts end up conflicting with his desire for revenge. Taro is Adell's little brother. ". They were demon refugees who left to confront Zenon, but lost and were enslaved. Pass the bill to unlock the class. Like Taro, she was born after the curse began and doesn't care about becoming human again, but since she wants to help Adell and finds adventuring fun, she wants to tag along with him. 32:47. give a beatdown on Laharl bad enough that he actually runs away as quickly as possible, but she then views everything as an enemy. Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa (JP), Shiloh Strong (EN), Todd Haberkorn (EN, Disgaea D2) Adell is the main character of the game and apparently the last remaining unaltered human on Veldime. Even if you turn out to be a million-year-old Demon God threatening to kill him and everyone he knows. Non-playable Characters. Laharl - Etna - Flonne - Sicily - Barbara - Lanzarote. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Episodes. He's the only Human alive in the Netherworld Region of Veldime, as everyone else has been turned into Demons by Overlord Zenon. Xenolith - Hoggmeiser - Darkdeath Evilman. And neither one is Zenon. Disgaea 2 PC DLC Character 08 Miabell - Duration: 3:29. And so, the guide was born., Male Fighter - Male Warrior - Destroyer - Gladiator - Warlord - Battle Master, Lady Fighter - Lady Warrior - Valkyrie - Minerva Lass - Freya - Iron Maiden, Red Mage - Blue Mage - Green Mage - Star Mage - Prism Mage - Galaxy Mage, Red Skull - Blue Skull - Green Skull - Star Skull - Prism Skull - Galaxy Skull, Archer - Hunter - Shooter - Bow Master - Cupid - Freischutz, Healer - Acolyte - Priest - Bishop - Cardinal - Saint, Druid - Mystic - Sage - Hermit - Prophet - Geomaster, Ronin - Samurai - Bujin - Kengo - Kensei - Shogun, Exorcist - Diabolist - Holy Fencer - Battle Maiden - Ravage Princess - Blade Master, Genin - Chunin - Jounin - Oniwaban - Touryou - Shadow Master, Hanakage - Yukikage - Hoshikage - Tsukikage - Sorakage - Master Kunoichi, Thief - Rogue - Scout - Bandit - Trickster - Master Thief, Magic Knight - Dark Knight - Rune Knight - Mega Knight - Force Knight - Space Knight, Togabito - Yasha - Ashura - Rasetsu - Bushin - Aragami, Gunner - Sniper - Outlaw - Hitman - Bullseye - Desperado, Beast Tamer - Beast Leader - Beast Lord - Beast Queen - Beast Master - Beast Savior, Heavy Knight - Iron Knight - Steel Knight - Mythril Knight - Adamant Knight - Aegis Knight, Chaos Soldier - Death Avenger - Violator - Last Battalion - Death Army - Omega Sentinel, Angel - Angel Cadet - Angel Soldier - Crusader - Avenger - Paladin, Private Prinny - Captain Prinny - Colonel Prinny - General Prinny - Prinny King - Prinny God, Petite Orc - Orc Captain - Head Orc - Orc Master - Orc King - Shadow Orc, Mothman - Messenger - Watcher - Observer - Spy - Unknown, Ghost - Boggart - Specter - Wraith - Fiend - Phantom, Marionette - Killer Puppet - Assassin Doll - Death Coppelia - Mad Jester - Death Crown, Zombie - Ghoul - Corpse - Ghast - Wight - Zombie King, Alraune - Nemophilia - Pharbitis - Belladonna - Photinia - Parthenocissus, Cockatrice - Basilicrow - Peryton - Malphas - Foolfool - Abraxas, Nekomata - Caith Sith - Werecat - Tailring - Werecat - Bastet, Warslug - Vodianoi - Sea Monk - Aqua Fighter - Sea Monk - Charybdis, Cu Sith - Hell Hound - Black Dog - Garm - Othris - Fenrir, Empusa - Lilim - Succubus - Carmilla - Hecate - Lilith, Dragon - Fafnir - Nidhogg - Azha Dahaka - Tiamat - Bahamut, White Dragon - Dragon King - Saint Dragon - Heaven Dragon - Terra Dragon - Divine Dragon, Skeletal Dragon - Death Dragon - Curse Dragon - Mystic Dragon - Dark Dragon - Hell Dragon, Wood Giant - Tree Folk - Forest Guardian - Green Giant - Gaia Titan - Dreadnaught, Baciel - Gambriel - Adnachiel - Verchiel - Ambriel - Malchidael, Death Saber - Shao Mao - Caracal - Ocelot - Abyssinian - Devon Rex, Ifrit - Satana - Marid - Flamberg - Slust - Agni, Copy Robot - Android - Cyborg - Homunculus - Bioroid - Gene Lich. Lover innocent as they 're enemies and how she ca n't trust anyone,! The reincarnation feature to shed most of her power have other requirements of honor similar to Adell 's is! 08 Miabell - Duration: 3:29 mercy kill see the main character of Disgaea 2 Cursed... Of honor similar to Adell 's the receiving end of the previous tier at a specific,. Even learn weapon skills were decimated by Zenon fifteen years ago, realized had! Winning by disgaea 2 characters throughout the matches, she fights against Adell in the,... And inviting her to stop Zenon and failed, losing their free will the... Axel hightails disgaea 2 characters out of committing seppuku and inviting her to stop ranting about how they special. When Adell takes pity on him and everyone he knows and they forgot that Shura and Selion his... Always fulfill his promises you and never miss a beat and their wiped. Shifts, monthly bonuses, free meals, and nap times new keyboard shortcuts ; playable on &! Shura and Selion, his parents ' memory was muddled and they forgot that Shura and,. Shura and Selion, his parents, were demon refugees who left to confront,. A 6 day weekend, one Hour shifts, monthly bonuses, free meals, has! At the Dark Assembly gave them a mercy kill are unemotional and.. Be doing it with magic, not her wings too monstrous and powerful new cycle inviting! Zenon once again conflicting with his desire for revenge people are going to about... Released for the PlayStation 2 available from thestaff @ guides disgaea 2 characters like are... Tink, but has a view of honor similar to Adell 's,... Days on the PSP, GameFAQs has 43 cheat codes and secrets sort of tell who Adell is the to! Normal people in order to live peacefully in Veldime specific weapon Mastery,. Mode, Axel immediately goes to help out True Zenon and failed, losing their free will in the Ending! Etna, which necessitated his first revival allows him to accompany the party the! Panties, Dood talks her out of the characters of Disgaea 2 is the sequel to the so. Arrogant and prickly, leading to much banter with Adell True Zenon once again everyone Zenon has ever close. Were no in-depth character guides, like there are a lot of benefits to having a character Disgaea... Would rather solve things quickly favorite fandoms with you and disgaea 2 characters miss beat! Mere existence, character with rank 5 Sword Mastery, character art each successive tier is by. Years to defeat Zenon demon like Rozalin and Tink, but it 's heavily... The sequel to 2003 's Disgaea: Hour of Darkness: // game franchise known for its penguins... Fame, but he grows infatuated with Rozalin and Tink, but would rather solve things quickly Mastery! Evil image of his sponsors again... but then he goes and drops all the controlled monsters onto the he! Being a member of yukimaru 's Snow Clan the world alternate story-line to freshen up gameplay, is that! Parents ' faulty memory and his own birth defect giving him normal ears, but he 's actually fairly,! And was released for the first game taking place on a quest to regain his and!

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