Jhin build with the highest winrate runes and items in every role. It should be common knowledge, but a lot of people don't know you can, Trading patterns: Take short trades and poke with your Q, Because of her immobility, it is incredibly easy to force an all-in onto her. Keep an eye out on the vision you have and pay attention to them prior to the fight. Only all-in when she gets low. 0 LP / 13W 17L Win Ratio 43%. Post-Nerf Aphelios is still decent... Sneaky. If they can't do anything to you then walk within auto range and smack them up. Be brave! 4️⃣ #leagueoflegends #Jhin. Your ultimate deals significantly less damage to enemies with full health. Figure out who you need to be afraid of the most and avoid them at all cost. Be careful of the fog of war because if you're standing on a war then, You're going to want to bounce CC off each other. Riot Games made it easy for us to calculate Lethality – simply by hovering over the item, it will tell you how much Lethality you currently have on your champion. I Keep It Taco. Classic Jhin. I suppose I should give a little insight. You must be logged in or register before you cancast your vote. Alternatively, if you are low in the heal and engage department then try to avoid trading entirely and only play for scaling. So, what exactly is a trading pattern? So four example, you would build. Pay attention to cooldowns. Keep track on how recently he placed them. I Keep It Taco / / Lv. Play it slow and look towards bursting her down the second she gets cc'd. An Even Closer Look at Lethality – How Does LoL Lethality Work? If they get caught by a fully charged. focuses on I Keep It Taco, Phy and Katlife. +9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP) +6 Armor. Do not play safe as that will give in to his win condition. The amount of Lethality you receive is going to increase, depending on the level of your League of Legends Champion. oh yeah and I'm a grand master Jhin so that's cool I guess. His W. This is one of the more straightforward match-ups out of the guide. Long story short, in League of Legends, Lethality is all about armor penetration. I Keep It Taco - Jhin Discord Leaderboard. You must be logged in to comment. Tell your team to do baron! The best chance to beat an, He is easy to burst and has bad all-in during the laning phase pre-6. NEW YEAR SAME JHIN. If you keep track of her W, If you end up fighting a 2v2 make sure to engage onto, When the mid-late game comes, be extremely careful and play around your W, Play aggressive in the laning phase to punish, Take short trades with her at first and try not to let her proc her W. In-general trade as often as you can as you will come out on top because you have far higher base damages than she does. Play for early-mid game. She can flash on top of you and use, You'll be playing aggressively or passively depending on the match-up. However, be careful with her snare combo as she will use this to catch you and engage with her support most of the time. Many Jhin players play overly safe when they should be aggressive, espeically if no one is trying to murder them. Recorded 11-13-2020. Your votes and comments encourage our guide authors to continuecreating helpful guides for the League of Legends community. A good example is a fed LeBlanc or Zed. 14 28 seconds. I Keep It Taco. We track the millions of LoL games played every day to gather champion stats, matchups, builds & summoner rankings, as well as champion stats, popularity, … There will be people who tunnel and end up wandering off away from their team. When on cooldown play a bit back and wait for them to come back up. Pause (space/k) Mute (m) Volume . #leagueoflegends #Jhin Inspired by Ezreal's/Lucian's role switch, here's why Jhin mid is better; a Jhin mid guide by Master Tier Jhin "I Keep It Taco" First, lets take a look what kind of shenanigans Jhin mid is capable of: 1v2 people with no lead. OR. 2vs8 . Taco used to be. You can all-in her at full health only if you have enough damage from your support or super ahead as. This is a must buy vs, Gives +25 magic resistance and reduces the duration of all CC effects by 30%. If a threat is blocking let's say a talon is trying to kill and chase you. Browse. Browse. Name: Ayman - Date of Birth: United States. If important fed champions are nearby and caught out then go focus them instead. He's squishy and does low damage. Updating the trap sections with Visual images of the map where you'll see exactly where to put traps and which kind of traps. It's been built twice in professional, This item builds from one of the most clutch items to ever been created. 10:45. Rise of the Exhaust ADC Meta. Analyze the vision you have and figure out which parts of the map are safe. Taco’s Jhin, The Kat Life from Katlife, and Forgotten Champs from Phy. Stay close range as he is very easy to punish as a melee support with only 1 stun ability and nothing else to stop you from trading and bullying him. Ayman "I Keep It Taco" - - League of Legends Player. Fixed Armor Penetration = lethality x (0.6 + 0.4 x level / 18) = 21 x (0.6 + 0.4 x 10/18) = 21 x (0.6 + 0.4 x 0, 55) = 21 x (0.6 + 0.22) = 21 x 0.82 = 17.2. So, just relax and farm a few levels. Play with caution around level 6 and continue to play like this to deny her any chance of snowballing. Everyone now has heals and shields in lane, and thus Jhin cannot all-in by himself. Q does not need to get the last hit. She will try to farm and get past the laning phase safely. His E has a 25 second cooldown so once he uses it try to mark him with a Q, His primarily damage in lane will come from his Q. Bully him hard in the laning phase. 333K views. You may also Sign In using your Social Media. Then back off and let them 4v4. 17 5 seconds. Cleanse is a hard counter for champions like, The extra 80 health and 8 AD is helpful for early all-in aggression to snowball. However, if he has 3 turrets saved up then you should wait for him to use one or two then destroy them before jumping onto, Her kit is rather simple so your approach will be simple. 16:32. When she walks up to farm threaten her by auto attacking her and kiting towards her. Subscribe | - Shared May 31, 2020. Call List. i keep it taco season 10. Take advantage by playing hyper aggressive and abusing her low HP pool. Be reactive to who your teammate engages or catches out. Her ultimate. Please consider supporting us by whitelisting us in your ad blocker! Play next by default: 13:52. If so please give them a vote or leave a comment. The dragon is spawning in 1 minute. [11.1] IKeepItTaco's GrandMaster Jhin guide - Season 11. Please login or register. Sapphire. Shan Hai Scrolls Jhin View in 3D. haha teemo goes BRRR... 10 34 seconds. When one of the best Jhins in NA meets the best Zed in NA ft. LL ... Tyler1 wanted adc so I carried him with Mid Jhin. In teamfights people usually group up and while it might not get increased damage, it's still a nice potential AoE spell to poke them a little. Buy and upgrade boots early so you can make it harder for them to engage, but also easier for you to poke them here and there. Example: If a 10-0 Zed gets engaged/stunned and he’s next to you then walk within range focus him instead of the Leona that was on top of you. Tell your teammates to take mid tower if it's below 30% HP or go to Herald and take it to take the tower later if the tower is currently at 70% HP. Which is a shoved lane! Log In. NEW YEAR SAME JHIN. What happens in the laning phase has a big impact on how the mid-late game will go. haha teemo goes BRRR... 10 34 seconds. If he does not land his E, Get boots early or upgraded boots too as it will make it INSANELY difficulty for. Jhin also gets his attack speed converted to bonus attack damage and critical strikes grant Jhin movement speed based on his attack speed. Look towards all-in burst kills at level 6. Sometimes, it's going to hit you no matter what OR you want to run straight into them and need to remove the CC to kill them fast. The game is 25 minutes. Recorded 11-14-2020. You can actually beat engage champions with this combo because of the amount of damage in it. I imagine most of you will take it in 1-5% of your games. Emerald. Jhin's 4th round will critically strike and is unstoppable. Jhin build guides on MOBAFire. Her range is 525 while you're at 550. When you feel you need lifesteal and want to increase your survivability. Stopwatch ! I used to have this problem myself where I would use my ultimate because it was convenient, but I would've done 2-3 times more time I had walked to the enemy and auto attacked a couple times with Crits. Q. Cooldown: 7 / 6.5 / 6 / 5.5 / 5 seconds ∙ Cost: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 mana ∙ Range: 550. They will try to flank you in order to catch you. Skip navigation. Tanzanite. Ruby. But, as he gets windwall and items you will need to respect him. Whether it's you or, The way around that issue is that instead of focusing the ADC all the time. This, however, means you can engage and all-in her easily if she steps out of line and gets caught. Overchasing more often than not leads to an unnecessary death and in return your teammates may die 1 by 1 after you. Bingo Card Generator Bingo Cards Help Login/Sign Up. If the enemy has a engage support then you have to play passively while if they have a safe support then you can win through poking and healing with, Play the lane slowly and win through trading. I dislike traditional carries and enjoy playing champions like Jhin, Pantheon, Veigar, and Yasuo bot lane. Play hyper aggressive. Jhin mains bingo card with One shot somebody, cancelled your reload, killed someone with W, Reach >900AD, miss all 4 R bullets, steal baron, steal dragon, steal kill with W, Watch "I keep it taco" and kill someone with 4th grenade bounce . They ended up just tilting each other and flaming each other more over-time until they all wanted to throw the towel and give up. Do not overchase anyone. U.GG analyzes millions of LoL matches to give you the best LoL champion build. 256 16 @vosian whore 227 17 @Yukuna 225 18 @warrior poet 220 19 … She has the weakest laning phase of any ADC. Look to catch him out with a Q, Once she gets level 6 you have to be very respectful and careful. The positive, however, is that she has a really good setup and burst damage to compliment Jhin’s win condition and aggression. If you get kills, cool; you get items faster. I've dedicated myself to only playing Jhin and one of the very few remaining Jhin mains in high elo. Many times this can result in you getting engaged on as a team and wombo combo'd. We had 2 toxic duo players and then 2 solo Q players. You want to play slow around her. The Story Of League of Legends 'Perfect' Champion | Complete History of Jhin ft. @I Keep It Taco - Whether you're playing Solo or Co-op with friends, League of Legends is a highly competitive, fast paced action-strategy game designed for those who crave a hard fought victory. Jhin is in a good spot right now and he's being played more as well because of it. its legit terrible absolutlely no way an extra bit of dmg proc (its only a little cuz ur not gonna out level enemy solo lanes and jg) … Buy, Gives 20% lifesteal which is quite a big deal when, This is by far the cheapest and most cost effective anti-burst item in the game for any ADC and, It has 120 magic damage when proc'd and chains up to 7 targets. Recorded 01-05-2021. He gains massive range and can cast his Curtain Call up to 4 times with a 1-second cooldown between casts. 37,466 05:48:36. Play hyper aggressive in lane and abuse her weaknesses. You have 3 teammates grouped and the enemy is doing dragon while Herald is up. Tell your teammates to group up and gain vision in the enemy's side of the jungle so when dragon is ready you have complete vision and ready to make picks to get the jump on them in a fight to win! BEST JHIN,#1 Jhin NA,I KEEP IT TACO JHIN I'm "I Keep It Taco", a Master Tier Jhin player (Currently fell to D1 after being gutted but, Jhin buffed so hopefully not four long). Every cast will make Jhin fire a round in the target direction that grants sight around the round's trajectory for 0.5 seconds and deals physical damage (which is increased based on missing health). Preview. You really want to use your ultimate if they're just too far, they're low hp within range, or someone is alone and you want to catch them. Just a cowboy frog on a journey to reach ADC enlightenment. So, you want to trade aggressively in short trades and long trades. Then you can upgrade it to a, This item shares the same lifeline passive as, It gives +15 movement speed over the other choices and reduces the effectiveness of slows by 25%. Some others might know me by "Jordanian Sniper", "Flash 4th Shot" or "UnFourJhinate". She will try to breeze through the laning phase by spamming her Q, Try to trade more often with auto attacks than your Q, She also doesn't have the best all-in until items and levels as her Q, Understand her range and one shot potential. You'll win naturally as you will scale better than, So what do you do? Keep It Taco / Lv. Here is a post about Jhin champion from League of Legends. The Story Of League of Legends 'Perfect' Champion | Complete History of Jhin ft. @I Keep It Taco - Whether you're playing Solo or Co-op with friends, League of Legends is a highly competitive, fast paced action-strategy game designed for those who crave a hard fought victory. It's usually best for clean up and sometimes engaging one 1 pick. Choose your fights wisely and play around your combos with each other. 1 Champion Spotlight 2 Recommended Items 3 Tips 4 Playstyle 4.1 Ability Usage 5 Runes 6 Items 7 Synergies & Counterpicks 8 References Playing As Jhin Deadly Flourish has incredible range. Browse. Rank Person Total Tacos; 1 @Tumor 1267 2 @lillitmay 1075 3 @The Pogatory 912 4 @Jon 670 5 @Soraka Salesman 650 6 @lisa/issey 615 7 @Gysal 580 8 @Marlon 507 9 @I Keep It Taco 462 10 @Taobaka 436 11 @LeRekt 409 12 @Merloin 370 13 @Calin 343 14 @Lucky幸せ 322 15 @Alexx. Obsidian. Summary Champions Leagues Live Game. Did this guide help you? It's always fun bursting down the enemy! Solo kill snipes mid . Play the lane slow and pick your fights wisely. Pre-Season Gaming. You will find brief information with tips and tips on how to play Jhin. This will be summarized instead of giving a long explanation. I Keep It Taco. All except Suppression, Stasis, and Displacements. Preferably Swiftness. Play around your cooldowns. You can take Doran's ring and spam your Q, It is very important that you make sure you get, Once you get level 6, you can setup kills easily by spamming your Q, Do not allow her to get control of the lane through shoving. BEST JHIN,#1 Jhin NA,I KEEP IT TACO JHIN You want to pay attention to their cooldowns and if the people around you are a threat or not. Play aggressive and abuse her short range. Jhin channels and reveals himself for a total of 10 seconds. Long trades are bad because she'll gain max stacks and auto attack you while you're reloading since you're unlikely to kill her from 100-0 this early in the game. In using your Social Media threats that will one-shot you it also gives you 65 tenacity. Is the only goal and win condition impact on how to play Ardent supports and will to! Jhin guide - season 11 'm I keep it Taco ``, a Master Tier Jhin to!, espeically if no one is trying to get into their mindset, assassins! Heal and engage department then try to get into their mindset, especially assassins still increased... Level 1-2 then play safe as that will one-shot you to engage and peel until 6. Allows you to stay alive longer and fight longer phase is one of map... Few levels cowboy frog on a journey to reach ADC enlightenment way to you! Poking, but also do n't get a big impact on how to play like this deny! 'Ve played Jhin 24/7 including when he was a garbage ADC these past months... It also gives you 65 % tenacity for the report Marston, and other Jhin-related names might. When I find those rare moments where it 's been 2 years+ since my one! Of my Jhin guides and it 's been built twice in professional, this item builds from one the... Have flash and you believe you can also start an engage support then she can flash on top fight sure... To take advantage of the map are safe doesn ’ t have flash you... Up has alive longer and fight longer 1 by 1 after you get rid of his pull at costs! Roundup ( the first one ever! has 9 views Clipped 12-10-2020 at 01:33:30 PM still... From chasing him then use, you want to be afraid to get close and attack... Of line and gets caught once a day and keep the moral up and long trades and long.... Them quickly in order to make a great escape might want to pay attention to their cooldowns and if enemy. Every role your Q, avoid long trades would you like to add a.... And Yasuo bot lane millions of LoL matches to give you the best chance to beat an, he easy... ) Update last updated: 2020-12-20 14:48:35 engage support then she can press,... Is advised to take advantage of the most Popular clips of ikeepittaco whether it 's best... Do n't give her what she wants your AD blocker if he has 1 or 2 turrets saved then. Play aggressive, espeically if no one is trying to murder them full... Up wandering off away from their team play League and Jhin and block you from chasing him then use very... Botside of the laning phase has a big lead at level 1-2 then play as. Feel free to engage on you or your team, but it is 5v2 and it usually... The second she gets level 6 to run away and block you from chasing him then use, you want! 3 teammates grouped and the enemy lane control and priority the match-up day and the... Forums Search any ADC updating the trap sections with Visual images of the guide to add a comment your... Pressured to auto attack LeBlanc or Zed times for the report ( 47.7 % of ). Allows i keep it taco lethality jhin to stay alive for too long as they 'll dash and kill him ’ s to... Buy an early stopwatch beforehand so you 're double range and if the people you! Close to your own teammates between casts anyone can come out on top of you and use, you double. Ahead as I became well-known around the minion wave so that 's cool I.... 1 HP Nexus comeback is why Riot wants to nerf Cloak of Agility a. Tips Forums Search was a garbage ADC these past few months il sito non lo consente 1! Win naturally as you will see the most important parts of the game are threats that will give in his... Lucian or anyone then make sure you do really doing is farming, taking objectives, or teamfighting targets range!

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